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  • ElDorado Wheelchair Vans (2 of 2)

Wheelchair Van Conversions For Dodge, Chrysler and Toyota

To most people, a car or a van is transportation. It takes you from point A to point B. But to a person in a wheelchair or a caregiver, a van is so much more; it’s your connection to the world. You need to count on it. We at ElDorado Mobility understand that. To us, mobility is not just a business, it’s our calling.

The People At Eldorado Make The Difference

The people of ElDorado Mobility realize that it is our mission to help our customers, to answer questions, to listen and to provide the best possible mobility answer. We know our customers and are honored to be part of their lives.

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Amerivan delivers quality engineering, creative design and superior...craftsmanship for the ultimate solution to your mobility challenges. • ...

Amerivan PT

The Amerivan PT represents the best in a premium-quality, lowered-floor...minivan for light transit use. Amerivan PT offers all the renowned construction features of the consumer version in an economical, sturdy commercial version. •   • ...

Amerivan RL

Setting new standards for quality engineering, creative design and craftsmanship,...the Amerivan RL provides practical solutions to your mobility challenges. • ...