Our Commitment

Our commitment is not just empty words; it's the foundation upon which our company is built and the driving force behind every decision we make. This commitment extends to every aspect of our operations, every decision, every late night, and every milestone achieved. It’s the promise that we make to our customers, the contributions to our community, high standards of service, our mission, and our vision for the future. 

Our Journey

Falls Mobility Finance was conceived from a profound observation—many good people were unable to access wheelchair-accessible vehicles due to limiting financing options. Our founder, David Yount, upon recognizing this immense gap, didn't just see a challenge, but a calling. It was a poignant realization that not only stirred him deeply but bestowed upon him a gift; he had discovered his purpose and calling.

Following this profound realization and after having built and managed Brandl Mobility Finance for nearly 20 years, a juncture arrived where sole guidance and the liberty to steer visionary decisions became essential to fostering a venture better poised to serve the mobility community. This pivotal moment led David to act decisively; he purchased a third-generation new vehicle dealership, rebranding it as Falls CDJR. Then leveraging this acquisition along with his extensive industry connections and years of mobility experience, David founded Falls Mobility Finance.

Now, having assembled a seasoned team comprising the industry's best, the Falls Mobility team core work hard in their mission of assisting those with mobility challenges, their loved ones, and the businesses that support them.

You Mobility. Our Mission.

Our Principles

Our principles are the core values that we, alongside our team members, adhere to. They are non-negotiable tenets that expedite our decision-making process, ensuring it's in harmony with our mission. This is the essence of who we are and how we make decisions. 

  • Whatever It Takes: This reflects our unyielding drive and unwavering resolve to overcome hurdles and assist others in doing so. It embodies our tenacity and determination in securing the necessary vehicles for our customers, going the extra mile, and showcasing resilience through challenges. Whether serving our customers, contributing to the community, or advancing our broader mission, our ethos is if one approach doesn't work, we try another, persisting until victory is attained. The obstacle is the way, and together, we shall traverse it.
  • Do Your Best: In all endeavors at Falls Mobility Finance, the principle of 'Do Your Best' resonates at the core. It’s our commitment and pursuit of excellence, and a refusal to settle for mediocrity. Each interaction and each solution we provide reflects our relentless drive to offer nothing but the best. It guides us to defy the odds, to set new standards, to challenge the status quo, and to step-up even if we don’t feel like it. It's by doing our best that we truly honor our mission, serve our customers effectively, and make a lasting positive impact on the mobility landscape.
  • The Secret to Living is Giving: Rooted in the profound belief that true fulfillment stems from the act of giving and contributing to others' well-being. This principle underscores the transformative essence of extending one's resources, knowledge, and compassion to create a positive impact on individuals and the broader community.

Bring The Joy

Bringing joy is an act of giving, resonating through our dedication to enhancing personal freedom with accessible mobility solutions. Our larger mission transcends being a mere business entity, aspiring to be a force for good, tirelessly striving to alleviate mobility challenges, thereby improving the lives of others. This value accentuates that our success is gauged not just by the services we render but by the enduring, positive change we incite in the lives of those we serve.

  • Constant and Never Ending Improvement: This value mirrors the hero’s journey towards personal and professional development, an endless endeavor to refine, enhance, and elevate every aspect of our operations and services. It reflects curiosity, the spirit to push beyond the boundaries of what's known and achieved. Whether it's refining our processes, increasing our financial options, elevating our customer service, or expanding our community outreach, the principle of constant and never-ending improvement is the catalyst that fuels our forward momentum. 
  • Mindset: By nurturing a positive mindset, we channel our focus toward crafting solutions rather than dwelling on problems. We believe in the transformative potency of a positive outlook, especially in the intricate realm of mobility financing. 
  • Empowering Beliefs: Understanding the powerful role of beliefs in molding realities, we challenge limiting mindsets and nurture empowering beliefs, enabling profound positive changes and making mobility a reachable goal for everyone.
  • Innovation: This principle stands for our never-ending quest to bring new and effective solutions to the table. It's about thinking creatively to overcome challenges and improve our services. As industry pioneers, mastering electronic documents, securing 10-year financing options, and now, diving into the realm of Artificial Intelligence to meet our customers' needs in ways previously unimagined. At Falls Mobility Finance, innovation isn't just a buzzword, it's our way of adapting, growing, and ensuring we are always ahead in serving our community better.

Our Emotional Compass

The quality of your life is based on the quality of your emotions. And these emotions, this energy extends to our loved ones and the communities we serve. These are the emotions we try to nurture each day:

  • Love & Warmth: By nurturing a state of love and warmth, we cultivate an environment where favorable behaviors and close relationships flourish naturally. This emotional state serves as the bedrock of trust and understanding amongst us and our stakeholders.
  • Appreciation & Gratitude: These emotions are fundamental to relationship-building. With an attitude of gratitude, as emphasized by Zig Ziglar, we continually nurture and value the bond we share with our colleagues and clients.
  • Curiosity: Much like a child's wonder keeps them continually happy and learning, our curiosity drives us to constantly evolve, learn and innovate, making our journey in professional growth an automatic, enjoyable endeavor.
  • Excitement & Passion: These emotions add a flavor of enthusiasm to our daily endeavors. Inspired by Benjamin Disraeli's words, we believe acting from passion transforms challenges into opportunities, injecting a vigor into our quest for excellence.
  • Determination: Whether facing a tough project or embarking on a new initiative, determination simplifies our path. It instills in us an unyielding spirit that makes challenging tasks appear attainable.
  • Flexibility: Embracing flexibility in communication and approach not only guarantees success but opens doors to myriad solutions and perspectives, enriching our collective journey towards set objectives.
  • Confidence: Confidence encourages us to venture beyond the known, practice faith, and take actions that further our mission. It's a practiced skill, much like tying shoelaces, that becomes stronger with every exercise of faith over fear.
  • Cheerfulness: Cheerfulness goes beyond internal happiness; it's the visible joy that resonates with others, making interactions delightful and enriching. Being cheerful is when you are happy and your face knows it.